Professional Skills = More Value

If you are a technical person in a professional environment, you are probably realizing that there is much more to technical work than purely technical stuff.

Don’t get me wrong.  Your technical skills are required to get a job.

Once you are in a real engineering, R & D, or development job, the team you work with likely has the same (possibly better) technical skills as you.

Think about that.

It means your technical skills alone are not enough to differentiate you from your co-workers.

Mastery of technical skill is one thing.  Mastery of yourself is quite another.

You need skills that will make you an effective player in your organization.  That translates directly into more opportunity and better pay rates.

This Book Will Help Improve Your Skills

I’m talking about communicating effectively…. presenting your ideas the right way…. making people want to work with you…. and becoming known as a true professional within your organization.

Some people call these skills “soft skills”.   I prefer to call them “professional skills”, because you will need them if you want to be successful in a professional, corporate context.

The content in this book took me two decades to learn, and most of that was by making mistakes.

I wrote this book to help engineers like you to avoid the mistakes that I made.  I want you to transcend your environment.

Here are a few of the things you will learn:

  • Build a network in your company, even if you struggle with people skills.
  • Earn the respect of your colleagues and your peers.
  • Present your ideas like a pro.
  • Keep your cool when others are not.
  • Hold better meetings than anyone else.

….and many other professional skills that are used every day by top engineers.

It might be the most value you will ever find, for the price of a cup of coffee.

Pick up the book here.