Timing is also challenging for guitar players

Timing, The Bane of My Existence

Ever heard the phrase “timing is everything?”

Well, for me, timing is often an ironic way to expose bugs, illustrate worst-case scenarios, and just generally turn everything into a test of my own resolve.  C’est la vie, I guess.

Case in point: as soon as Steve Vai posted the link for his interview with my friend Anthony from Make Weird Music, my former hosting service took a horrible nose-dive.  So, I am currently running a two-month old backup on Bluehost with some help from their WordPress support guys (thanks, Bluehost!).

Update: as of 10/30/2015, I think I have recovered everything at this point, so if you notice anything missing, leave a comment or send me a note.

The guitar pictured above is a custom from an Arizona builder called Mudd guitars.  I was dumb enough to play this work of art on stage instead of just framing it, like it probably deserved :-)

  • Nick D Waters


    The images don’t seem to be loading from the articles I’ve looked at, such as the previous article on Agile development.

    • Hi Nick,

      Thanks for taking a look and letting me know. I will fix it up.

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