About Burnout

Candle burning at both ends.  Clip path

I have recently returned to writing after spending an entire year working on a digital transformation.  So, this post is both timely and personal for me. The art and craft of professional software development is a fascinating animal.  It is inherently abstract and can be highly complex.  In order to function effectively across the lifecycle … Read more

The #1 Communication Skill They Don’t Teach You In School


I recently sat down to contemplate the most useful skill that I learned to help in my communication with others. One in particular kept rising to the top. This skill is amazingly basic, yet almost no one does it.  Perhaps our incessant internal mental chatter and our desire to be heard makes this skill difficult to master. Enough speculative philosophy. What is this mysterious skill … Read more

Mindfulness For Zombies

Zombie in the Office

Trick or treat! Almost everyone has seen zombie movies or shows.  Almost without exception, the zombies are portrayed as unthinking beasts, satisfying their primitive instincts by preying on the living.  Fun on Halloween, but rather apocalyptic and scary otherwise, right? Another way to think about zombies, is that they are incapable of higher thought.  They … Read more

Humility As A Skill


Having formerly worked in the big data space, I once met an experienced software guy named Ken who is a well-regarded big data and search expert.  Upon trading some design thoughts on a particular topic, I was struck by how approachable he was.  His points were always reasonable and well-articulated; there was no hint of … Read more

The Lost Art of Listening

man being yelled at by senior manager

The old cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn once said to his nemesis Henery Hawk, “You’re hearing me boy, but you just ain’t listening!” Listening skills seem to be getting rarer and rarer these days, even in highly technical roles.  I cannot count the times that I have encountered engineers with serious challenges in this area, yet … Read more